This Happened to You Before?


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This Happened to You Before?

Cause if someone tells me it's happened to them and it was not a BIG problem I will feel better.

Son's alternator belt on his 95 Eagle Talon squeaks sometimes. It does feel a little loose. He has tried tightening it. It seems to loosen back up sometimes though.

It started sqeaking a little more yesterday. He says he is getting new belts and stuff, cause these got a lot of oil on them a few months ago.

Anyway, coming home last night it started acting up. He drove the rest of the way home, maybe 5 miles.

The belt had come off - and I think at least one more did too, and when he popped the hood, the radiator was boiling.

I read all automotive engines have a pressure release system so this kind of thing doesn't hurt the engine. Right?

He is to get new belts today. It was suggested he also take a toothbrush or something like that to the pulley's to make sure there is no residue on them either.

At one time the alternator had lost a bolt, maybe it is not adjusted, angled right? (Since the belt loosened after being tightened?)
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Clean all the pulleys with brake cleaner to remove all the oil residue.If the alternator does not align properly maybe a spacer was lost when that bolt fell out a few washers will work in a pinch.As long as no one tried to add coolant or water while it was overheated it should be fine.There are no safety release valves unless you mean the radiator cap you should instruct your son to watch the guages or lights and to turn the engine off if the oil or coolant temp light is on actually any of the warning systems.This of course would be after pulling to the side of the road.
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Found out that daggone bolt had come out again!

He got a new belt, new bolt and it seems fine. He still needs to get a nut that fits better.

I suggested he have a shop check it over, he says he just needs to tighten the bolt more this time.

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