steering wobbles


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steering wobbles

Hi, I have a 96 Town&Country van that has developed a slight wobble in the steering at low speeds, say under 35 mph. usually happens after turning a corner and then fades away. Had the alignment set and the wheels balanced, no change, even rotated the wheels still no luck. everything looks tight as to tie rods, CV joints and so forth. Got any ideas on this one?
Thanks Kent
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I would check the following, if you haven't already:

Lug nut torque
Steering dampner/stabilizer (if equipped)
Steering box/gear assembly
Struts and mounts
Brake rotor (to see if it's warped)
Steering rack assembly

Hopefully, you'll find your problem somewhere in there. I did a quick check of TSBs, and didn't see anything that looked on point.

Good luck,
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Thanks Jim
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Sounds like an inner cv joint or a misadjusted cradle or motor mounts to me.Has the car ever been wrecked or hit a huge pothole?
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Yes my wife has hit a few large pot holes in the past. What would that affect on the car? Also how could i check for the inner CV joint or motor mounts? Thanks kent

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