annoying exhaust noises


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annoying exhaust noises

Hello again

I have a 1994 Acura integra LS 1.8L 5 Speed

I recently purchased new headers, OEM Catalytic converter, and Exhaust system that advertised having a nice tone and not being too loud. I installed everything tightened everything down and started the car. IT sounded great at idle there was a nice deep tone to it just like I wanted, but after taking it for spin around the block I noticed around 3800-4500 RPM it sounds like a kazoo (those wistles you blow into that make annoying noises) After passing 4500 RPM is sounds much better and not like a weedwhacker under a pillow. I checked everything under I noticed the tail pipe was rubbing the back fender but I fixed that by raising the center pipe all the way up which dropped the muffler downward and gave me a little clearance but the noise still exists. is this noise something I should expect? the muffler is glasspacked. The exhaust has a resanator which is suppost to make it quieter. all pipes from the catalytic converter back are tightened down by U-clamps. is this the muffler+tip? if so can the tone be changed by simply replacing the muffler and tip or is this a loose pipe somewhere?

--- Thanks!
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It's a tough call with aftermarket exhausts
Especially when mixing OEM and A/M
There's really no way to know ahead of time what it'll sound like

I'm not familier with this vehicle but there may be things you can do

You say headers, there are 2? Aftermarket? They go to a Y-pipe? is the Y stock?
W/o going to OEM manifolds, look for longer tube headers or an A/M Y-pipe
Maybe a Y that's from the same Co. as the headers (a matched 'tuned' set)
See if you have any leeway to reposition the Y fwrd or rwrd and inch or two
Just a different/moved Y can "move" the nasty RPM spot or smooth it over

Your cat-back system
Again same Co. as headers if possible look for a tuned system (no unwanted pulses)
If you can change the muffler only this will make it sound different, and may get rid of your RPM nasty
If the tailpipe has a tip it may be acting like a megaphone, try a smaller one or none
Repositioning the muffler fwrd or rwrd (just a little) may help

I'm not sure about the resonator on an exhaust

Most of these might make a small difference but if it's real bad, a different muffler and tip will prolly be the biggest change
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