honda accord CV joints and check engine light


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honda accord CV joints and check engine light

I have a 1997 honda accord se 4 cyl. and i just passed 100,000 miles. what i think are the cv joints are beginning to knock whenever i turn a corner. I wasw wondering how can this be fixed? Is this a DIY project? If so, How much is it to do yourself? Also the check engine light has been on now for about 25,000 miles. I just recently had to replace the battery due to the fact that the engine wouldnt turn over. I thought it was the starter so they ran a couple of diagnostics test and found that it was the battery and said that that was the only thing that the diagnostics found that was wrong. So why is the check engine light on?
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The cv joints are repaired by replacing the halfshafts which you need by your description.The check engine light,well we need codes and Autozone will read them for free and you give us the number of the code and description they tell you.Do not buy anything to attempt to repair the check engine light yet.If you want to get halfshafts from them so be it you already know you need them.The shafts are very diy if you have the tools needed.
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In our area Advance Auto Parts is now pulling codes and they give you a printout for free.

O-Riley Auto Parts will loan you the device to read the codes but you have to do it your self. However if you don't know how and if the guy behind the counter is knowledgeable and helpful he may tell or show you how. But be sure to write down the code #s & descriptions so you will have that information to take with you.

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