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Question Fuel Filter

I have a 1993 Ford F250 7.3 IDI Trubo Diesel, I need to know how to change the fuel filter. I can see it right when I open the hood. Some say to bleed lines? Where and what line. Geezs I done lots of minor things, but I'm confused about this one. I know I'm probable making a bigger deal than it is,but I want to do it correct.Thanks in advance for all the input!!
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Get a manual for your truck. I have a 92 gasoline engine and there are things you have to do to relieve pressure on the fuel lines. Also are 3 different types of connectors for the fuel filter one of which requires a special tool to release. I find it to be a pain in the butt. My pressure is relieved inside the cab through an electronic switch. Would have never known but for the manual. Good luck and post back with the results.
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It's basically a no brainer look here http://autozone.com/servlet/UiBroker...3d8009ee25.jsp hope this helps.
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Davo and majakdragon
You both gave instructions for gas engines
Are you sure it's the same for diesels?
I don't know this engine, but the french and japanese diesels I did this on the procedure was waaayyy different
'Course, that could be the french and japanese haha
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If you looked at the link did you scroll to the bottom of the page?Diesel engine fuel filter and water separator?It's says it's a spin on filter and not to add diesel fuel to the filter because the system will purge itself,but I suggest reading the entire article.
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Nope, didn't scroll that far dowm
Saw the gas engine stuff and panicked, sorry 'bout that
It certainly is alot easier for the Ford 7.3 than those others
Guess it is just the french and japanese
They are a pain
(changing the filters, not the actual french and japanese)

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