Engine replacement


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Engine replacement

My daughters four year old Ford Focus was making a horrible noice. The dealer just told us it needs a new engine, I guess an intake value seat came loose and bounced around for a while.

I need some advice/ideas for replacing the engine.
* is there anything I can do to get Ford to "kick in" toward a new engine? After-all the car is only 4 years old.
* should I have the dealer, a local garage or a vocational school do the installation? Keep in mind I don't know any local garage where my daughter is away at school.
* if I have a local garage do it, do I have to find the used engine myself or does the garage do it? Is it a good idea to let them do it or will that add cost?
* if I find the engine myself what can I do to ensure it's in decent condition.
* what kind of quality will a vocational schools do? My thinking is they won't be rebuilding the engine only installing it so they shouldn't be able to screw it up too bad.

Any advice you may have would be greatly appreciated.

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A call to Ford's regional headquarters is a great place to start. Document all your calls, and ask to speak with the VP and/or President of sales, marketing, customer service, operations, etc.

Rattling the cage should get you some results. Good luck!


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