Charging Problem??


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Charging Problem??

Driving to work this morning I noticed my dash lights and headlights wern't very bright. They got dimmer the further I went. I was making a left turn and my turn signal flasher started flashing faster. When I came to a stop and started out again, the car didn't want to go. I kept throttling it but it didn't help. I turned the headlights off and then the car started running agian, but only for a short distance. When I came to a stop it shut off and would only click when I attempted to start it. The emergency flashers were the only thing on and they wern't very bright. There was no alt light or batt light on when the problem occured. Could this be a shorted battery or maybe an alternator problem??
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These are classic symptoms of a dead alternator. Take it out, most auto parts stores can check it for free (I know Pepboys and Murrays do).
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Sounds like a altnernator to me your car has a electric fuel pump and when it exausts your battery power it quits.So when you turned off the lights your battery had just enough juice to keep the fuel pump running but it was not being charged.
If I were you I would also check the battery and if it is over two years old get a new batterys dont like deep cycles.

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