Uh-oh oil around spark plug


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Uh-oh oil around spark plug

'88 Toyota Corolla w/4-AF (carbed) engine
The kind of engine where the spark plugs go in on top, in a tube in the center of the head
I just pulled out a spark plug and it was 1/2 covered in oil
The threads and a little bit of the tip were wet but I think that happened unscrewing them
I think there is a half inch or more of oil in the tube
I thought the tube went right to the combustion chamber
I know it needs a head gasket-that's why I started pulling the plugs (see if I should add them to my list-wasn't expecting this)
But the tube doesn't go any where near any gasket
Can those tubes leak?
Any help would be appreciated
Thanks in advance
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When you replace the headgasket you will replace the valve cover gasket and the 4 large o-rings around where the plugs go through the valve cover and your problem will be solved.
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Thanks Davo
It kinda freaked me out a little there
I really wasn't expecting to see that
Thanks for the quick reply!

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