cj7 exhaust system


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cj7 exhaust system

Could someone give me a step by step process of taking out old exhaust (muffler and exhaust pipe) and installing a new one. I have never done one, but it doesn't seem too hard. I have all the new hardware and system...
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Well quackupp, There's not a step by step per say
It really depends on what's there, what's rusted, loosenable, and has to be cut, what's salvagable, usable, what's not
It depends on if the pipes there are Midas, Jeep, local garage or DIY
And how many pieces your replacement came in

Take a look under there, see where the hangers are (hopefully your new one has them in the same places), are there U-bolt things holding one piece to the next? (that's probably what your new system has) Are the mufflers about the same size and hanger position? How many pieces does the new one have? Does it look like the old one breaks apart in the same spots?

If your new system is "cat-back", then be carefull not to damage the threads or flange etc. on that end of the old cat-you'll need them to bolt up the new exhaust
And watch the rubber pieces and mounting points or hangers on the vehicle, you'll probably be re-using those
After that just loosen, tug, pull, cut, bang it out of there

Putting in the new, you may want to start from the cat and work back, but it usually doesn't matter
You may want to lube the rubber bits to get the new hangers in
And a hook tool helps
Line it up and position it before really tightening it up

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