Toyota catalytic converter


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Toyota catalytic converter

I have a Toyota tacoma 2001 built in the uS. 3400 cc, V6
I got pending trouble code P0420 re cat converter operating below efficiency threshold.

I dont live in the US, but I visit regularly.We dont have any emmission standards, and its safe to remove the cat converter .Most vehicles here do not have cats.
How do I 'fool' the oxygen sensor after the cat, so that I dont get the trouble code? Or should I remove the sensor?

Will this product on ebay work?
thanks guys
Dual O2 Oxygen Sensor Simulator For all OBD II Vehicles
Item number: 7936832730

This module generates two downstream or Post-Catalytic converter Oxygen sensor signals needed by the PCM/ECM to avoid the CHECK ENGINE light or MIL (malfunction indicator light) when the catalytic converters are removed or gutted. It will also prevent the Limp mode that the PCM/ECM causes when the error is detected. Our module is generic and will work on all foreign and domestic OBD II type vehicles. Normally you have to buy two modules to work with dual exhaust with our module only one module is needed.

Some vehicles may also require that the old O2 sensor heater wires remain connected to the harness to avoid a P0141/P0161 "faulty downstream O2 heater" error code or use a resistor to simulate the heater. If you need a resistor just add $4.00 per resistor, see our Ebay store for more information on the heater simulating resistor. We will attach your original O2 sensor connector to our module using solder and heat shrink for NO EXTRA CHARGE! Please specify at time of purchase and then send to us. It's that easy!
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additional dat re simulating cat from manufacturer

the DualO2 simulator sends alternating signals of rich and lean (as a real O2 sensor would) to your PCM/ECM in the proper proportion and timing as a real PostCat/Downstream O2 sensor would if the Catalytic converter was present and functioning properly. And it will work on your 01 Tacoma but you will need to ether leave your old O2 sensor's heater connected or use a resistor to simulate the missing heater.

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