i need help. (Finding Correct Water Pump)


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i need help. (Finding Correct Water Pump)

i have bought 3 different water pumps for a 1988 chevy blazer with a v6 engine and i can not find the right bolt pattern. does anyone know where i can go to find a picture of a water pump for a 1988 chevy blazer?
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Which V-6, 2.8 or 4.3?
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Parts stores do have the applications guides that show pictures of pumps. However, too often they do not or will not or do not know how to make use of the books. Get an experienced parts man to help you.

Also, water pumps are listed my make and model. Ask your parts man the total number of pumps listed for your model. This will at least indicate that you may have only been shown the pumps they stock in the retail store. There may be pumps available that are not commonly stocked and must be ordered into the store so you can match them up to yours. It sounds like you need one of those less common pumps. Do go to the parts store during the day and during the week when they are best staffed with the best people.
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I don't know how this can be a problem. There are only 2 engines available and they take one of the more common pumps available. I think the 4.3 takes the same pump as all the Chevy small blocks.
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Try your local GM dealer or a AC Delco parts store. They can show you a picture or the correct pump. If you have the 2.8r motor it's GM # 12482690 ac delco # 251-618. If you have the 4.3z or the 4.3w motor you will want GM # 88894005 or delco # 251-594

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