Day Time Running Lights Not Working


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Day Time Running Lights Not Working

I have a 98 Cavalier, the drl's quit along with the drivers side high beam. I changed the bulbs and the drl module in the fuse box, still not working. Does anybody have any advice? am I missing something? thanks for any help
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the DRL works off the high beams with low voltage check that you are getting power at the socket also check for ground
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You need your hig beams, but personally, the only benefit I find with DRLs is the auto insurance exemption. With DRLs you just can't park with your lights off and be unnoticed. Who wants to always be noticed? Sorry, I know this post doesn't help much.
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You can park and set the parking brake. The DRLs will go off then.
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Personally I think DRLs are one of the best ideas out there. There are so many morons that believe that headlights are there just for show, and should not be turned on unless you really can't see anything in front of you.
I was driving home on Wednesday during a snow storm in Chicago (4 pm) and I counted 50 cars without their lights one. I would love to give tickets out..
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There is a wiring harness that feeds the forward lamps, look behind the left headlamp and start unravelling the harness from it's conduit, there is a splice that has failed, I believe the wires are blue, find this splice and correct it. I almost guarantee this is what's wrong with it.

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