lift kit info


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lift kit info

I want to install a 2 inch suspension lift on my 88 ford bronco and have heard a lot of ways that this can be done; blocks, which I am not in favor of for many reasons. heavier springs sounds good but are they more difficult to install due to their tensile strength and lastly flipping the shackles this is one that I donít know anything about and am curious
Any info is appreciated as I want to do this before I start plow time
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One thing you should be aware of is damage to the drivetrain will result from altering the suspension.You have just fought through a differential problem want to start that over again?Lift kits look cool but accomplish nothing.Btw it's the last thing you want to do if you plow because plowing is already hard on the drivetrain.
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ok i am aware of the diff problems that can result due to pinion angle the one option of flipping the shackles i have been told removes the need for the angled shims.
also there was 2 other versions of my truck one was called the "snow package" wich featured a 2 inch factory lift and bigger tires.
the second was a "plow package" that consisted of a beefed up front suspension and steering linkage
the reason i want to do this is i have springs that are 2 inches higher than what came on the truck to alow for the plow wieght what i am after is a ride hight even from front to back with or without the plow

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