'89 Honda Prelude Clutch noise??


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'89 Honda Prelude Clutch noise??

Well I have an 1989 Honda Prelude 2.0si 5spd and I recently got a new clutch kit installed on it.

I have this noise in the clutch somewhere when I first start the car up, it's a loud droning noise, and it goes away when I depress the clutch pedal, but when I let the pedal up the noise happens. It almost sounds like something, whatever it is, is rotatating which is causing the drone but I could be wrong.
The clutch system seems to operate ok, though I haven't driven it more than a couple miles since the clutch was installed. The noise seems to get quieter, or sometimes seems to be silent after the car warms up? Or maybe it's after I used the clutch system enough to break it in or something. But when I start the car up after it's been sitting, it always happens again.
Can you guys give me some pointers on what to look for, what it could be? Do you think the clutch was installed improperly or is one of more parts faulty?
Thanks in advance and Happy Thanksgiving.
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If that particular car has a pilot bearing in the end of the crank that the tranny shaft rides in, that would be my first suspicion. Not all cars have them. Normally a good idea to replace those while you're in there (20/20 hindsight).
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There are a couple of..

bearings inside the transmission, the pilot bearing mentioned above and the throwout bearing. Usually these bearings come as part of your kit and are changed with the clutch.

Another possibility (in my inexperienced opnion) is to check your clutch pedal adjustment. (clutch pedal freeplay) If you are having trouble getting it to go into gear, I would check this first.

Just trying to help!
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In my experience with mustangs, noise from that area that goes away with pedal effort often is the throwout bearing. I'd agree to start off with checking the clutch adjustment, that may be all you need.
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If you paid to have it installed take it back and let them fix the problem if it was not there before.Make sure the trans fluid is full before driving it anymore.Sounds as if something went wrong with the install,was the flywheel resurfaced by a competent machine shop?
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I dont think the flywheel was resurfaced!!!! This guy is a total jackass and he already said he wont fix it again since I brought it back to him because it wouldnt engage in any gear after the clutch kit was installed (he doesn't test drive the cars after he works on them, dont ask me why!). I guess it's a lesson for me to learn, never get cheap work done on your car by a mediocre mechanic.
The clutch kit didn't even come with an alignment tool, the throwout bearing seemed to be off center, like it was bent ever so slightly, the guy never mentioned any pilot bearing. I assumed he was going to resurface the flywheel but im almost sure the idiot didn't even do that. I'll look into adjusting the clutch pedal, that is something even I can do...
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In addition to never using his shop again, I would use his name in vain to all my friends, too, so that one of them doesn't get "stuck".

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