1989 Toyota Celica Brake Light Problem


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1989 Toyota Celica Brake Light Problem

Here is my problem. In daylight conditions when I push on the brake pedal my brake lights will come on and at the same time the front driver side parking light also activates along with the brake light. Every time I press the brake light the rear brake lights comes on and so does the parking light. OK I can live with that. But in the evening when I have to activate my main Head lights the brake lights in the rear will not work. The brake lights will not come on. It seems to me that they are already on and will not get any brighter when I press the brake pedal. This only occurs with the Head lamps on. My 1989 Celica has the Head lamps that pop up. I do not have any manuals to follow and will do the normal things first, like change all the bulbs. Does anybody have any Ideas about this one. I know that electrical problems can take a lot of time with troubleshooting.

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Sounds like you have a bad ground(s) somewhere. Get your hands on a wiring diagram and make sure the grounds for the lights are clean and tight.
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PT is right

The grounds that your looking for that are loose are under the screw that holds the lite socket to the plastic housing. They are white wires with a black stripe. The plastic may even be melted where they attach.

Check them all....common problem on that car.

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