1995 taurus transmission problem


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1995 taurus transmission problem

Hi.. I haev a 1995 ford taurus 3.0 A/t with 103,000 miles. Driving to work I noticed a slight wineing sound but could not pinpoint its location. When leaving work the car would not move in any gear or reverse. Trans dipstick shows fluid to be clean & slightly overfull when checked cold. Trans does lock car in park. I was told that if pump seal is leaking... fluid cannot build pressure which may be my problem. I have not checked for leaks. Any Idea's??? Thanks for your time. Tim
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This sounds like...

it's going to need a through diagnosis at a trannsmission shop or possibly the dealership. Did you notice anything prior to this? Not shifting properly, slow upshifts/downshifts, takes a while to shift into gear, check engine light on?
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I did notice that when driving highway speeds.... then slowing down and turning without stopping.... when I would go to step on the gas... the trans would not react as it should, Tim
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A leaking pump seal has nothing to do with internal hydraulic pressure, so a leaking pump seal WILL NOT lower your line pressure. From what you describe with the whining, it sounds more like a pump or torque converter problem. A line pressure test will tell what is going on. I would get it to a trans shop for diagnosis.

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You're probably lucky it's gone this far. The tranny in that vintage Taurus/Sable was junk when it left the factory. They have regularly failed with under 50,000 miles. The one in my Dad's old Sable failed at under 40,000. One of the worst pieces of Ford engineering EVER. We tow them ALL the time to the tranny shops (P.S. skip the dealership and find a good independent tranny specialty shop). I think the rebuild on that runs about $1500 depending on your location. Don't even THINK about replacing it with a used one. On the bright side, at least you have the 3.0L engine; the 3.8L is as bad a piece of crap as the tranny with low-mileage blown head gaskets very common.

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