Ford Explorer 1995...


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Ford Explorer 1995...

I am not sure what is happening. I was driving home from a Football game with my wife and kids, driving along just fine, all of a sudden the car just died. We let it sit for a little while, went 20 miles did it again. Everytime you take your foot off of the gas to slow down, or stop it dies. I am thinking it is the Fuel filter, Don't know how to take it off to replace it. If you could help with that it would be great. Also maybe it could be the Starting Silionide, because now it won't start at all. It won't even turn over. At a loss of what this could be. Any help or suggestions would be great.

Thanks in Advance
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At 1st thought, it sounds like it could be an alternator or charging problem if, when it dies, the starter doesn't turn over immediatly and the head lights are dim when you turn them on. It could be the alternator isn't providing enough charge at low speeds to keep the engine running. Try jump starting it, and if that works, you can rule out the starter or solenoid and you'll know the battery or connections have a problem, possibly a run down battery from a bad alternator. A bad starter solenoid or starter won't cause the car to cut off like that.

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