98 Oldsmobile Intrigue Torque Circuit Switch?


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98 Oldsmobile Intrigue Torque Circuit Switch?

My check engine light come on so I took my car to Auto Zone and had them check it out. They said that my 'torque curcuit switch is stoke on.' Has anyone heard of this before? If so what is it, where is it and how do I fix it? Other question is can I drive it still?

Oldsmobile 98 Intrigue
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What is the actual code that came up?
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The code was PO # 0742
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Po 742

Means torque convertor clutch stuck on.Usually a faulty valve body or tcc pwm solenoid or both.First thing I would do is pull the pan and look for metal debris.After that you would need a factory or trans service manual to decide if you can do the repair.If it were a valve body and solenoid you may be able to do it.If it needs overhauled you should consult a pro or replace the trans with a reman unit.The solenoid is fairly cheap if you just want to try one.Do you have any symptoms besides the check engine light?

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