2001 Mazda 626 Engine


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Exclamation 2001 Mazda 626 Engine

I was driving down the 15 to San Diego when my car cut off and would not restart. The mechanic told me that my engine was locked up and I need a new one. This will cost 3500. Advice please.
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When did you change the oil on the car? Did any warning lights come on before the engine died?

A locked up engine will not turn, i.e crank. Does yours do that?
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Engines that are diagnosed as "locked up" sometimes have an accessory that has failed and is binding such as the alternator or ac compressor.

Get any funny noises just prior to it quiting? Pretty rare for an engine to just seize up while driving down the road without some direct cause like what nitro is suggesting, especially with a fairly new car. If the engine tries to turn over (loud CLICK heard when you turn the key, but no rotation on the engine) I would have them remove the accessory belt(s) and try it again before condemning the engine.

That $3500 figure would probably be for a new motor right out of the crate. You could opt for a used motor from a recycler (aka junkyard) for maybe half that.
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I agree with towguy remove the belts from the pulleys before you start sinking in money.Many a a/c compressor or alternator caused engines to be replaced.
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how did it happen

tell me exactly what happened...did the car just die without warning, did the voltage drop, lights dim, radio shut off?

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