96 tahoe w/ service engine light on, misfire?


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Question 96 tahoe w/ service engine light on, misfire?

I have a 96 chevy tahoe, auto, 2wd, about 139,000 miles. Check engine light on. Took it to AutoZone, they read codes for free and sell parts, code read p0420 and p0430. I was told 420 was a misfire condition and 430 was an inefficeint catilytic converter. I had change plugs at 100K, kept AC brand Plat. I did recently have the wire from the coil to distributor cap go bad. So hoping it was wires, change plug wires, distributor cap and rotor. I also looked at plug # 8, 6, 4 & 2, found nothing unusual. We cleared the codes and one day later the service engine light came on again.

So far the only symptom is the service engine light. Not sure which sensor(s) detect misfire condition or the inefficient converter. I have not noticed a drop in gas mileage but plan on watching a little closer, no oil useage, coolant level where it should be. Any thoughts or ideas before I take to a mechanic.

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I don't know where they got the misfire idea. Those codes are BOTH catalytic converter codes. It's just bank 1 and bank 2 codes. You may have a bad cat.
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96 tahoe

Thanks Desi501. I figured if it was a misfire I should hear it, feel it, or touch it. I was wondering if their info was right. I was going to change the wires and distributor after the coil to distributor wire went bad on me 350 miles from home in the rain on a Sunday in the hill country.

Thanks again.

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