'96 Mercury Sable won't blow heat


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Exclamation '96 Mercury Sable won't blow heat

My '96 Merc Sable will not blow hot air. Thermostat, waterpump are new. motor warms up fine, but no heat. Please help
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If you feel air coming out of your heater vents, then your heater core is probably plugged up. You may be able to power flush it, try using one of those self coolant flush kits (cheap). Also The service shops can do back-flushing (not as cheap). if neither of those work, you'll have to replace the heater core.
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I had to do this last week on a 95. Warm the vehicle up and check the coolant hoses going to the heater core to see if they are both hot. Be careful, they will be very hot when at operating temperature. These are the two hoses going to the firewall behind the engine. Fairly easy to reach and see. If the two hoses are different temperature, then you have a blockage in the heater core.

If you determine you have a blockage, you will have to flush the heater core. Wait until the vehicle cools down to perform the flush. I found that the easiest way to do this is remove the two hoses going to the heater core (I did it at the engine side of the hoses) and use a water hose to flush out the heater core in both directions. Keep flushing until there is a nice strong stream of clean water.
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Heater Problem?

Check the SECONARDY BLEND DOOR they bend and will not close off. Causing cold air to mix.

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