Can't get it out of Park

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Can't get it out of Park

I backed my wifes 2000 Dodge Intrepid out of the driveway this morning fine, no problems becasue my car was in front of hers. I got mine out, went to start hers to put it back. It started but I can't get it out of park. While the car is running, the steering wheel turns like it's in gear but I can't move the shifter. Any suggestions????
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I am NOT a mechanic but I know some cars have to have the brake applied to shift gears. My wifes 95 Intrepid is that way. I never realized that I NORMALLY had my foot on the brake when putting it in gear so it came as a surprize when I tried to do it without the brake. May NOT be the problem but just a thought. Good luck and watch your post for an expert opinion.
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Correct. That's a safety feature so that, for instance, your kid can't pull the shifter down into gear. Check to see if your brake lights come on when you mash on the brake pedal. Could also be a faulty switch in the console. When you push on the brake it's SUPPOSED to release the switch in the console to unlock the shifter. Might check to see if you have a shift lock override in that vehicle. It will be somewhere near the shift lever and is usually a small cap that pops off. Then you insert a small thin object like a screwdriver down into the opening and actuate the mechanism that unlocks the shifter. Some cars are designed for you to use your actual key as the tool. This function is meant as an emergency override just to be able to drive until you find out what the problem is.
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Here's another idea. Once, while stopping to pump gas, I stopped at the pump and with my foot still on the brake, turned off the ignition. Then, after I pumped, the key wouldn't turn the igniton back on and I was sooo confused for a minute until I realized the shifter wasn't in park. I had to move the shifter then turn the key. My point is maybe you don't have the shifter completely in park before you turn on the engine. Maybe it is just askew of the "P". Try shimmying the shifter before you turn the key to see if the shifter is seated in Park correctly. Just a thought, I'm not a mechanic and not even a good DIYer.

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