Coolant Disappearing Act


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Unhappy Coolant Disappearing Act

My 89 Bronco II w/a 2.9L and a 7.8qt capacity cooling system was loosing coolant at a rate of about 1 gallon/ 1 hr of driving with no apparent leaks. I assumed the coolant was being burnt out the exhaust. The oil was not the typical beige foamy color of a water contaminated oil in the crankcase. I changed it regardless as it was due. The engine while running doesn't push bubbles up through the radiator neck either as a bad headgasket would typically do.
My daughter borrowed the car and added a full 11oz of Bar's Radiator Stop Leak product, however I'm not getting heat in the heater core now, and the core is only about a month old. The leaking has abated though. The bottle says to use 1/2 on a 4 CYL, she used the whole thing. It also doesn't require removal of the thermostat in the instructions. I read in the instructions not to pack pellets in the radiator.... This is rather ambiguous. It says you may disolve the pellets if necessary... How is this done? I'm thinking of flushing the product, if I use a cleaner/flush agent, I think the leak will re-appear. I would like your recommendations. I'm gonna sell it ASAP so I don't really want to spend $800 in repairs to sell for $1,000 later.
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A shop with an emmisions machine can tell you if the head gasket is bad, but I don't think that's the case here. I don't believe that can be "fixed" by adding leak stoppers, and it looks like it stopped now.

Since the leak apparently started when the heater core was replaced, I would think that's where the leak is. Either the core or the associated hoses. Is the carpet or carpet underlayment wet?
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Now you not only have a leak problem but you have ruined your heater core and probably your radiator also. Stop leak does more damage than good. You should have just pressure tested the system and located the leak.
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the core

just by coincidence...The carpet was wet, this is why I replaced the core in the first place... I ended up siliconing the aftermarket sunroof to stop the leak.
The core comes out easy but I don't think this is where the problem is because it feels like theres no real pressure on the hoses...Im getting the gut feeling I need to backflush the system but I've forgotten how, it has been years since I've done that...

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