96 Caravan stalling problem

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96 Caravan stalling problem

Hey all. I have a 96 Dodge Caravan 3.3L. The other week started having problems trying to get it started and keep it started for about the first 10 minutes of driving. It is an intermitten problem and some days worse than others. On the bad days it will crank over but be very hard to start and when it does fire up, will idle irratically for a second or 2 then shut down again. I've tried keeping the revs up and usually the engine will rev too about 3k, then, with a steady amount of throttle, the RPMs will bounce up and down like its hitting a rev limiter. Usually it will stall out. So, after a few tries it will finally catch and hold an idle, but as soon as you put the trans in reverse or drive it will stall out, unless you keep the revs up and hold her back with the brake.

On these occasions, when driving forward for the first couple minutes, it will cut out, like it lost all spark momentairaly. Even tho I may be on the throttle, it will just cut out. If you totally back off the gas, the engine stalls, but as soon as you reapply the throttle, it fires back up. Of course it clears up in no time and drives fine.

What I've done so far. Pulled the codes and got a 1391 (Cam and Crank sensor loss of signal) replaced them one at a time from some I got in the junk yard. Problem reappears. But after talking to my cousin, it seems Chryslers throw that code out when a vehicle stalls. So that wasn't it.

Since I just got this thing a few months ago, started checking other things. Removed the airfilter, since it was really, really, really dirty (about a 1/4 inch of crud on it, suprised it even ran). Checked fuel pressure, seemed fine (don't remeber the numbers). Looked for loose vacume lines. Cleaned throttle body and pulled out IAC and sprayed it and its passages with carb cleaner.

I was hoping the ignition module would be part of the coil pack, like some of the older vans, but apparently it is built into the ECM now and I just can't find one of those in the yard and they look like a dealer only item, so must be expensive.

Since it isn't throwing any other codes, I assume it can't be anything else electronic, TPS, bad EGR or IAC solenoid or something?

After reading another post on here, I'm leaning towards trying a different IAC on it. We have a few lying around that look like the same thing. Does this sound like I'm on the right track, or should I look at something else?

Sorry this is so long. I tend to ramble... But thanks for any advice you can give.
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Try this forum, all these people there suffer from "Van-envy" they are real nice and should be able to help you out. xxx.allpar.com.
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Thanks Cabot. I checked out that site and bookmarked it. Lots of good info. I've been fooling around with it a bit and haven't had the problem come back after I made some minor changes. I'm not sure if I got the problem yet or not. I have to wait and see and check a few other realted things out to see if what I did really did help.

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