ohhh I did a bad thing

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Unhappy ohhh I did a bad thing

I was trying to add oil to my mom's 1978 ford van, and well, having not even looked under the hood of this old a vehicle before I was a little stumped. Nothing labeled and in odd places. Well, next to the dip stick was a cap that looked like it is where oil should go, well I think it was actually the power steering fluid place. Of course my mother hasn't had anyone around to take care of things in a while and it was empty to start with. So, it got probably 1/4 to 1/2 quart of oil in it. I quickly realized this was not where oil goes and managed to suck out most if not all of the oil.
my questions:
How bad is this to have put oil in where the power steering fluid goes?
Where does the bloody oil go?
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That's a very bad thing for the power steering components. I would have the system flushed thoroughly immediatly. The longer it sits in there, the more damage it can do.
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The oil goes into the top of the engine there should be a cap sitting on the valve cover In the old days it had no writing on it. it should be a quarter or half turn cap.same color as the valve cover.
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okie doke

Well, I talked with the mechanic who usually works on the van. He told me how to flush the power steering component so I don't have to start it up to take to him. And as far as the oil goes, if it were as obvious as being right ontop of the valve cover I wouldn't have been confused. Because it is a van the engine block sits way back and underneath, therefore there is a tube that comes out of it.
thanks for all your advice.

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