squealing/loss of voltage


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squealing/loss of voltage

I have a 97 ford probe gt...here is my problem...

about a year ago my car started squealing so i had the belts changed, the squealing stopped for a very short time. The squealing initially wasn't bad only when i had the air or heat on. then it began to squeal all of the time. then i noticed that when it started squealing the voltage dropped. a few weaks later, while driving, the car died on me...first the heat turned off, then the radio, then the lights dimmed and finally the car died. the car wouldn't take a jump. I replaced the alternator only to find out that the 2 year old battery was completely dead. i replaced the battery and now it has been doing it again, i think there might be a short in reference to the defrost system but am not sure. the only diagnostic code comes up that the "scp hbcc chip failes to initialize".

can anyone give some direction?

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Couldnt say for sure, George, as you already changed the alt and battery.
Check out..
Im sure someone on there knows..or have had the same problem.
Good luck
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thanks, i will do that
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You could have gotten a cheap reman alternator... does the alternator spin freely with the belt removed? Does anything seem like it's binding (AC compressor, power steering, etc)? A short will generally blow a fuse.

I would take the alternator out and have it checked.

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