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Ford Probe

I am seriously considering buying a 1994 Ford Probe GT. The man I am buying it from is a real car-nut. The car is spectacular, and looks amazing. The engine is beautiful and it is the cleanest used car I have ever seen. If you didn't know it was a 94, you wouldn't of guessed it.

One question is, do I need to add higher octane fuel besides 87? He said that he uses "Mid-grade" , and the octane can vary on that. Now, is this a nessicity or just someting people do. I didn't think that a Ford would requre a higher octane, I always assumed it was for real, real sports cars (ie, Porsche). With gas prices the way they are, I dont want to spend my savings on gas.

Another question is.. What has everybody heard about Ford Probes? Good or bad.

By the way, it has the 2.5L V6 (I guess it's the Mazda MX-6 engine)

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If he has the owners manual it will tell you what octane is recomended. Using a higher octane than recomended gains you nothing and only lightens your wallet. In some cases with some cars with higher mileage and carbon build up a higher octane can reduce or eliminate detonation (pinging).

I'm not found of them but I can't tel you anthing good or bad about a Probe.
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Originally Posted by Id_do_anything
By the way, it has the 2.5L V6 (I guess it's the Mazda MX-6 engine)
The whole car is an MX-6 with a Ford label on it. It should burn regular gas with no problems.
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94 probe gt

actually i believe that the gt requires using the premium blend but should run fine on the mid grade. I wouldn't recommend using the low grade because will affect the mpg as well as the power behind the car. plus, the gt isn't that bad on gas unless your a lead foot so the price difference shouldn't be that bad.

about the probes, I have owned three different probes, only 1 being a gt. the first I owned was an 89 which i bought in 96...it had about 75000 miles on it and about 200000 when i got rid of it. it ran like brand new until the last day i owned and the only reason i got rid of it was due to an accident.

then i bought a 97 gt and have loved it, it still own it, and I am currently having an electrical problem with it but nothing major.

I also owned another 89 probe which i bought for $1.00 and sold for $1000.00..after putting on about 20000miles and a new muffler.

so...my advise is go for it. you will love it
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The 2.5L engine requires min. 92Octane..Probe or MX6, which is basically the same car/platform just different style. I went with the mx6.
You could get by with mid-grade, but why? The price difference isnt that great to get better performance from the engine.
The engine will burn anything you put in it...but dont skimp on fuel to save a couple of $$, IMO.
Up here, the diff between 87octane and 92 is like $.10cents more per litre..so if you fill it up with say 40 litres..your talking about $4.00. Cheap investment for better performance.
Welcome to the Probe community...
The guys and girls on this forum are pretty serious about their probes..both 1st and 2nd generation (yours being 2nd Gen)

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