Mazda 626 no heat


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Question Mazda 626 no heat

Please help.
I have a 1991 mazda 626 that has no heat. I have replaced the blower fan, it went bad.
All I get is cool air. Also the control level on the dashboard for the hot / cold vents will move from cold to 1/2 way towards heat then gets stuck.
In the repair guide it states to check the movement of the control switch under the dash. This piece seems to be moving as far as it can both ways, even though the control lever is stuck.

it is a manual transmission, 4 cylinder with 265,000 miles on it

Any ideas??
It is starting to get cold here in Michigan...


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The cable most likely connects to a water valve located somewhere near the firewall. You might want to try disconnecting the cable at the water valve and see if it moves all the way between Hot and Cold. If if doesn't, you may have a kinked or bent cable that needs replacing. If it does move, the water valve may be defective. At any rate, you can try disconnecting the cable and might be able to manually position the valve for now to get heat.

A Chilton or Haynes manual, usually available at your library or about $15 at most auto parts stores, will help you with the job.




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I got the manual over the weekend, and discoonected the cable. I move the switch to heat using my hand. I still do not get heat. It would appear at this time, I may have a bad thermostat. Unless there is something I am missing..


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If a thermostat doesn't solve the problem you could flush the heater core to see if that would help.
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Post Update

Thanks, I replaced the thermostat last night, and now I get a little heat but not much.
I did notice that the antifreeze in the raditator had a "greesy" feel and was slightly discolored.
I will try to get it flushed, as I found out it has not been flushed in 3 years.
I will update as it progress continues.


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