Recommend Best Battery


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Recommend Best Battery

Can someone recommend the best battery for the price? It's for a Hyundai XG300 and the following numbers are from the manual & on the battery: MF 68AH (MF) 54-26GL RC:110MIN CCA:600.
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You're going to get a lot of opinions on that. Here's my $.02 worth: Check your local stores and find the lowest price on a 60-month battery of that size; then buy it. There's just not that much difference between battery makes to lose any sleep over.
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Yes opinions and heres mine get a replacement battery with at least 600 cca at the same temp as the original.Some are rated at 32 degrees while others are rated at zero degrees.A battery with 600 cca at zero degrees will out perform a battery with 600 cca at 32 degrees.Living in a cold state as you do don't skimp on battery cca rating or you will be sorry.It would be best to actually go higher in cca rating if money allows you to.When temps get lower like in the teens or less you will be glad you did.The stores will know what battery will fit in size wise.Be warned a bigger looking battery size wise is not always a bigger cca battery.
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My 2 cents

If you have the money about 99 dollars if you look around the Optima battery is the way to go has 800 cca can be used in any position even upside down will not leak even with a hole in it.
I had one in my truck and had it for 6 years and as far as I know it might still be in there.(traded truck in)A very good battery IMO I will get another one as soon as my stock battery goes south.
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LOL, Davo; wasn't even thinking about CCA ratings. "Cold" around here is when it gets below 50 deg at night (couple of weeks or so in February) although it's 55 out right now (10:25 PM). Might have to wear long pants tomorrow!

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