Pontiac 6000 le 3.1 152k miles, ignition problem/s.........


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Pontiac 6000 le 3.1 152k miles, ignition problem/s.........

and charging electrical problems.Well I have replaced ignition coils 3 times on this car and 2 of them in the same spot.I bought the parts new at autozone and they use Wells electrical componets.2 of the ignition coils have been replaced twice on the same spot of the ignition modual.Its in the middle of the modual I cant remember what number of cylinders they hit on I thinks its 3 and 5.Anyways I replaced a coil 9 months ago and then again a month ago on the same spot.Is there a problem on my ignition modual causing this,bad spark plug/wire,or faulty parts.The wires were replaced sometime last year.Advice and help needed Aaron
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If the coil was replaced due to a misfire and corrosion or black soot was found on the coil terminals the wires should have been replaced at the same time.If that is not the case I would suggest doing the coil and ignition module at the same time and possibly wires and plugs.The coils are numbered 1/4-2/5-6/3 just as information for the future.

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