busted out tail-lights


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Question busted out tail-lights

what could i use in the mean time to cover up tail lights that are busted...duct tape? i saw someone on the road who did a good job with some red colored material.....just wondered if auto shops sold this kind of stuff......also a yellow turn signal lamp in the front....thx
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You need to buy new or used replacement lenses only legal option available to you.I have no idea what you think duct tape would do for people behind you as they would see no lights at all during braking or nightime driving.
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one way

The only way that is legal is to replace the lights.I know in TX were I live you would not pass inspection and to the cops it is a big pull me over flag.The reason red plastic is not legal is because the lights have built in reflectors and prisom kind of design to make the light more visable.
This is one item I would buy from a junk yard if cost is a issue.Also Auto Zone has some replacments depending on what kind of car you drive.Dont expect to get one from them if you drive a Benz but if you have a domestic they might have it.
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For a TEMP fix..try the clear packaging tape, tho may not stick very long in the rain..or the Red sheathing tape. Temporary fix only....altho Ive seen a few cars or trucks that havent bothered to replace the broken lens.
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For a temporary fix Auto Zone has a red translucent adheasive tape type material just for this purpose. I think it was $1.29. I saw it yesterday. Other auto stores may have it also. Call & ask.
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someone told me to just go to the junkyard and get new covers there...i have a 96 ranger and most likely there will be plenty to choose from...thx for your replies
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Salvage yards 'can' be the best place for those hard to find OR 'Dealer Atrociously Expensive' - replacements.
For example... I lost the little metal contact 'tab' that is soldered to the rear defogger grid when it broke loose..and I tried to fix it.
The dealers say...'That comes with the rear window'. No way in Gods green earth am I going to shell out over $300. for a new rear window for a $1.50 part.
Went the the salvage yard..and found 15 tabs from broken windows... Showed the guy at the yard 4...ask him how much..and he said....'Forget it". Walked away with more than I need for NOTHIING. -
Now I'll see if I can sell them to the 'Speedy Auto Glass' etc kinda shops...and keep what I need.
Thankfully, there are other means to obtain those hard to find (or rediculoulsy priced) parts...
I found parts for my '88 Ranger, close cousins to the Bronco,that fit, for next to nothing..so keep in mind that your '96 Ranger may have interchangable parts with other vehicles (ie Bronco etc) that will work for you.
Good luck in your hunting...thats kinda part of the fun of it all....IMO.
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gota love them

Yes ya just have to love the junk yards.I used to go all the time and get small trim pieces for my 76 Nova.Just dont buy parts that can wear out like water pumps,alternators,or hard to replace parts in case they are bad.Junk yards are great for things like hoods,windows,tail lights,and trim pieces.Also a great way to see how things are installed before you tear into your car.
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brake lights

how about old pvc lastic buckets, flower pot material you just need to find the right coloured one then use scissors and red tape to put in place, what do you think?

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