01 Ford Escape accelerator sticking


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01 Ford Escape accelerator sticking

01 Ford Escape xlt
2.0L 4-cylinder
5-speed manual
front wheel drive only
122,000 miles

Hi everyone. Our 4-cylinder Ford Escape has an accelerator that has been sticking while in idle position for several months now. Whenever I accelerate, I have to push extra-hard on pedal to get it unstuck. Since this manual drive vehicle is driven in city traffic, it's very annoying with all the stop lights & stop signs. I have lubricated the accelerator cable from the pedal to the throttle valve, but the throttle valve itself sticks inside the plastic-type housing. Ford has a service bulletin ( www.nhtsa.dot.gov - item #637521) on this problem.

Of course, this car happens to be way out of warranty. Does anyone have a remedy for this? Thanks!
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Throttle Sticking!

Replace the Throttle body. Ford had problem with this?

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