How often is Fuel Injector cleaner needed?


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How often is Fuel Injector cleaner needed?

I was told that you should dump a bottle of fuel injector cleaner in every oil change, is this true, why or why not?

Also, what is the best stuff for the best price?

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It wan't the same guy doing your oil change that recommended the injector cleaner was it?

Unless you have some reason to suspect an injector problem, probably wasting your money. Wouldn't hurt to dump in a bottle of a dry gas product such as "Heet" periodically (especially in the colder states in winter) which has a discernible positive effect of keeping moisture out of the system.

You'll get lots of suggestions on the "best" injector cleaner, but they all generally have roughly the same or similar chemical cleaners in them.
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The "best" way to have your injectors cleaned is with a "Motorvac" or similar system. It uses a cleaner mixed with gas and runs independent of your vehicle fuel system. It cleans the injectors AND fuel rail and is very effective. Average cost is about $85-100 depending on the shop. Takes about 30-45 minutes after they hook it up. When I was still working in a shop, it worked so well I used it more often than a spark plug change.

If you're not having any problems and just want to do it as a preventive measure, I'd say go for it. Every 30K miles should be sufficient, so that would work out to about every other year based on average driving of 15K per year.



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