cooling fan motor will not run


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cooling fan motor will not run

I have a 97 saturn and the cooling fan motor will not run. I put a new motor in and it does the same thing. I switch the relay with another. And that didn't help. The guy at the auto parts store said I could bypass the relay by turning the a/c on and fan should run if not it would be the heat sensor. By the way the a/c compressor will not kick in either and the washer motor doesn't work. Could this all be related. Also, while at the parts store I got the guy to check the trouble codes and the only thing that showed up was PO300 misfire. What is PO300? My book doesn't have a PO300 code. Thanks for anything you could tell me.
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I think if I were in your shoes I would get a volt meter and start chasing wires (including grounds).
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A PO300 is a code for "Random misfire". It could be for any number of reasons. Your cooling fan is going to have to be diagnosed with a ground reading testlight. With the key on, your relay should have 2 terminals with power, 1 will be connected to the fan and read ground when tested and the last one is the trigger which is a ground supplied by the PCM. Using the A/C does not bypass the relay. I wouls suspect one of your power supplies is missing. That could be because of a fuse or a fusable link.

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