2001 Chevy S-10-Service Engine Soon


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Question 2001 Chevy S-10-Service Engine Soon

Light came on. Took in for diagnostic check. Mechanic said "Air injector reactor" He acted like he didn't want to mess with it, so we took it home. Any ideas? Can'g find air injector reactor in any book.
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Used to be called a "smog pump" and was driven by a belt. Now, on the newer vehicles, it's an electric motor smog pump, but it does the same thing.

You're best bet is to have an auto technician that is familiar with vehicle emissions systems take a look at it for you.


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I'll bet the pump is cooked.Remove the battery and maybe the tray and look for a maxi fuse it will be blown.You will need to replace the pump and solenoids,valves and redirect the intake hose.C all your dealer to see if they will warranty this repair if not let me know I will give you better instructions.
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Thanks for responding. Yes we would like more instructions. We have taken it to find out the code of the why the light is on. It is a P0410. Not one listed in our book. Although because we believe it is air related, we haven't become overly concerned. The mechanic we trust is swamped right now and is doing some research on it. In the meantime, if we can fix this ourselves, we would. So any help you can offer would be appreciated.

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