doors freezing


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doors freezing

the temp here in Newfoundland with the wind chill went to -18 c the other night. In the morning the doors were froze shut. Is there anything you can put on or spray on so this doesn't happen. vasiline doesn't work too well.
Thanks in advance
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You could try spraying the rubber mouldings with silicone spray but if you get freezing rain it may not help.Also wax the inside areas of the doors as that could help also.
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Spraying with silicone will help and you can do it in cold weather. Waxing the painted surfaces of the door jams is a good idea.

The best way is if you can get the car in where it is warm and let it warm up overnight. Then apply silicone grease to all the weatherstrips. Wipe it on and let it soak in for as long as you can and then wipe off the excess with a rag.

It keeps them from freezing and also helps keep them form cracking from age. NAPA sells SylGlide. But what ever you buy make sure it is a silicone grease and it says it is for use on rubber weather stripping.

Nothing willl help if you get a freezing rain and the ice bridges from the metal on the door to the metal on the body.

Also get an aresol can with a small tube and spray some lock lube into the door locks to prevent them from freezing.

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