1997 taurus no heat

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1997 taurus no heat

I have a 1997 ford taurus 3 liter, ac. I wasn't getting much heat so i changed the termostat. still not a lot of heat. After putting in the termostat the windows would steam really bad and it takes a long while to heat up. Antifreeze is full. I was told it could be leaking a very small drop inside the heater core but the firewall inside the car isn't wet and i can't smell any antifreeze. Is their any way to check the heater core without removing it or could there be another problem, i.e. water pump, etc.
Thanks in advance, bill
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It is common for the heater core to become clogged on this vehicle. You can check for a clog by checking the temperature of the two lines going to the heater core on the firewall. They should be roughly the same temperature. Just be careful, they will be hot when warmed up.

Steam is usually an indicator of a leaking heater core. BUT, I have seen a few vehicles steam rather severely and the heater core was NOT leaking. Check for the blockage first and work from there.
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Heater Problem?

While you are replacing the heater core look at the secondary blend door. Because they have been known to bend and cause the door to stick. Replace the door.

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