Toyota MR2 MK1


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Toyota MR2 MK1

'87 MK1 N/A-
Clutch finally died after 190,000. Replaced with Clutch/Plate/Bearing set from A/Z (I know, but they had it in stock & son needs the car). Also, replaced slave cylinder and starter while we were in it. Put all in and went fairly well until went to start car. Thought starter was bad then tried to turn engine over with socket on the harmonic balance. Engine was locked up. Pulled the transaxle inspection plate, couldn't see a problem. Loosened the transaxle housing to engine bolts (3 of 4 maybe 1/8") and engine freed up. Cranked the engine and it turned over and started. But... It started throwing out small flakes of aluminum through where the flywheel inspection plate was removed.
My questions:
Is there anything other than the T/A housing that couild be throwing out aluminum? All dowels are aligned on the housing to block, is there any thing other than the incorrect pressure plate (too tall?) that could be hitting my housing? If I choose to shim out the housing for a while rather than change out the clutch again, what problems could I expect to encounter?
Toyotaman where are you?????
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You need to remove the transaxle now don't shim anything find out the real problem.I think you may have the clutch disc in opposite of the way intended.After you get it apart look and see if it says flywheel side or something to that effect.Maybe the throwout bearing is not in correctly no matter what it needs to come apart,maybe you got the wrong parts from them.Sometimes things are boxed wrong do you still have the old parts to match up with the new?
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You don't have a choice, it's got to come apart.

Some part is wrong or installation, I'm sure you will see it when apart.....Isn't fixin cars fun!
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Everything is where it's supposed to be and the clutch works fine (when loose).
I found out the the pre and post April '87s have different pressure plates. One is about 1/8" taller. Guess what I'm doing this weekend!

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