missing a timing b tensioner retaining spring bolt, and spring, do i need it


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missing a timing b tensioner retaining spring bolt, and spring, do i need it

i put on my timing chain, and as i was doing my check to see if everytime was in line i noticed that the timeing belt tensoner retaining spring bolt, and the retaining spring was not there. i thought this may have been the problem along,causing me to jump time

so i checked the hole to see if it had broken off and found out there was a whole for a bolt. i mean like it was not put in the last time i had the timeing belt repaired at the shop

1. do i need this spring?

2. do yall think a lot of extra ft lbs, added to the reguler amount need for the timing belt tensoner
would work?

3. whats the odds of the goodyear place not putting one the last time it was repaired? and should i call them about it
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You would defintely need a tensioner... without it the belt won't be tight, and will jump. You will probably have to go to the dealer to order it.
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Please add vehicle type, year, and engine size in your threads.
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It is hard to help you if we do not know what you are working on.
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a 1995 merc. msytic 2.0 / 4 cl , automatic
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You probably have tensioner that just rotates and gets torqued down so unless you saw a spring when you took it apart you should be ok.
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well when i broke it down there was not one, but the book i am reading from states that the spring should be replaced when the belt is replaced. its only 20 $$ from both the bolt and spring so i think i will play it safe and put one on. thanks for all the info

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