Starter going bad?


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Starter going bad?

How exactly do I know if my starter is going bad? In recent days when I go to start my 83 toyota corolla automatic 4cy, it just clicks and clicks and then eventually it will start.
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Have the battery and charging system tested if they check out it almost has to be a starter problem.There are autoparts stores that will check your battery and alternator for free call around and ask.
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Pretty rare for a Toyota starter to completely fail. What DOES happen is that the contacts in the solenoid portion of the starter get worn and don't make proper contact. Had to replace the ones in my wife's '95 Camry about 6 months ago. The 2 new contacts and the plunger cost me about 25 bucks total. A lot better than the big bucks for a new starter. May have to go to a specialty starter/alternator shop for the parts if you're going to DIY it. It's not a difficult job, but the starter has to come out of the car. Might want to price the job at the specialty place and see what they would charge you either to do the whole job or to bench repair it if you do the R&R.
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Just had this problem with my yota pickup. It sounds as if the tow guy is 100% correct. Although, on my truck, the wires had actually come loose from vibration. Definitely get a close look at that starter, I bet it's either the contats or the wires.
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Contacts are very, very common. You can buy/order from the dealer around $20 for a contact kit, we stock them.

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