voyager light fogy


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voyager light fogy

i have a 96 voyager headlamp or discolored from sun & age some one told me there is a way to clean them
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You can try and see if that will fit the bill.The stuff isn't cheap and I've never used it so I can't testify to it's claims.
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I have used polishing compound with a fair degree of success on fogged plastic headlight lenses
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I have done this numerous times with great results

If it's Lexan (it probably is or it wouldn't be foggy), you can wet sand with 600 grit sandpaper, then 1200 or 1500
You'll need to be carefull andf go a good 5-10 min. on each light/each step
Then I spread some Auto-Sol metal polish on, rub it in, and buff it off with a buffing wheel attached to a drill
Be sure to tape around the light if you don't remove it (to avoid scratching paint)

You can skip the 600 if it's not too bad (they can get tobacco-stain dull yellow)
In fact, you may want to start w/1200 and see how it goes

I have heard that Mothers metal polish works well also, though I have not tried it myself
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You should look around for some acrylic polish, there are a couple of manufacturers that specifically make polish for that application. You can also try some scratch-x, although it will only remove light fogging/discoloration. If you mean by fogging that there is condensation in the housing, then best thing to do is remove the housing, dry it out completely and make sure te seals are watertight. Good luck!

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