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ford explorer

i have a used 98 ford explorer xlt it was just running so good and @ one morning it became a hard starting, i know that fuel injection type of car doesn't needed to step on the gas pedal everytime u want to start the
engine, but now i have to step on the gas pedal to start the engine and if i let it go, the engine will die. what do you think is the problem? do you think it's minor and i'ts easy to fix it or i can do it my self?
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There pretty notorious for vacuum leaks. With the engine idling, listen closely for a hissing sound and try to follow it. They have a lot of problems with rubber elbows connected to vacuum sources and supplying things like PCV or brake booster. The connectors tend to suck a hole right through ther connecter usually at the elbow.
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Will not idle?

The Idle Air Control Valve is probably sticking. Replace the valve. Basic part number is a 9F715.

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