95 Windstar 3.8L stalls


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Question 95 Windstar 3.8L stalls

The van is hard to start and has a major loss of power ( can barely get over 35 Km/h). It sputters constently and sometimes stalls when stopping or just idling. It also sounds like a loping or lunging sound from the engine. I changed the fuel filter approx. 1 year ago and I've used fuel injector cleaner when refueling. Am I looking at the wrong area(fuel system)? If not, any ideas as to the problem or fix? I'm stumped.

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Have you ever had the head gasket replaced? There were a lot of problems with them on these engines. How many miles are on the van? You might luck up and get Ford to replace the gasket for free, if you haven't done so already. I believe the gasket was recalled at one point but it might depend on how many miles are on the engine. One of the pros here should know more details about that and will advise you on what to do whether its a gasket problem or something else.

Is the check engine light on? Have you checked for vaccuum leaks?
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That sounds like every other gasket failure on that motor. The 3.8L's are known for both head gasket and intake manifold gasket failures, especially during and around 1995. Best way to check is to check your coolant level, have you needed to add to the coolant on a frequent basis? Also, your oil will have a milky residue, or smell of coolant. You may notice your coolant has a brown tinge from the oil. Also, be sure to check around the head gasket and intake manifold gasket to see if there are any fluids leaking. These are the best ways I know of to check for this without tearing the motor apart. Check to see if there has been any puddling underneath the vehicle also, or if your exhaust has the smell of coolant in it. If the problem is severe or has not been addressed soon enough, things can get much worse very quickly. Unfortunately, if this is the case, with the age of the vehicle, I doubt you would qualify for any help from FoMoCo.

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