noise at front


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noise at front

'92 Ford Tempo. College girl driver says she has to keep the volume way up on the radio and now I know she is right. At about 55 and above it developes an almost roar which sometimes seems to pulse in turns. The shafts seem good with no back lash. Is there an easy way to check the bearings?
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Is it quiet, and then get progressively louder with the increase in speed?
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Jack up front end with both wheels off the ground. (Safely now, with jack stands.) Turn each wheel by hand. Do you feel any roughness or hear any untoward sounds? If no, have another party turn each wheel while you listen with a mechanic's stethescope at the bearing housing on the inside of each wheel. If nothing shows up in front, do the same to the rear wheels, listening for the sound of a bad bearing. A good bearing should have no sound.

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