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Are VW Jetta parts worth anything ?

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12-09-04, 12:37 AM   #1  
Are VW Jetta parts worth anything ?

My stepson has a 91 VW Jetta that's stood for a year because the main 'brainbox' is fried. (VW have told him it'll cost 1800 -2000 to put it all right.)
He's always pleading poverty to Mom, and wants her to buy him a new car. I'm sure he'll make a fair amount by stripping the Jetta and selling parts , specially starter, alternator, radiator, lights,etc. He contends it's not worth the trouble ( I think he's just a lazy*******) - Any comments ?

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12-09-04, 04:09 AM   #2  
Certainly the car would have some value for its individual parts, but the catch is finding that special someone who just happened to need those parts. Even if you did find a parts buyer, it would be just one part here, one part there...etc. If your step-son did part out the Jetta that way, at some point he would end up with a shell of a car in the driveway to get rid of. His best bet would probably to advertise it in a local rag as a parts car and if he does not have any luck in a couple of weeks, then dispose of it at a junk yard.

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12-09-04, 05:50 AM   #3  
or he could find another junked jetta and get the "brainbox" from it.

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12-09-04, 06:32 AM   #4  
...or maybe he won't think that's worth the trouble
Sorry, 16 year old step in the house that doesn't think it's worth the trouble to get a job and is just starting to realize we meant it when we said we will help-but not buy her a car but doesn't really care because an occasional baby sitting gig pays for her cell phone bill and who's answer to everything that breaks is "just buy a new one" does it sound like it's touched a nerve yet thanks I'm done
Whew, I feel better now

There is money in the parts-even the fenders and stuff, but thiggy's points are valid
I'd look into a used brain, or selling it to someone that has one...a brain that is...for the VW

I can see the ads now:
Jetta-Cheap-No Brain
Jetta sings "If I only had a brain"

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12-09-04, 10:36 AM   #5  
You might be suprised what you can sell on e-bay. There is a buyer for almost anything. The buyer pays shipping. A junk yard will probably give you little or nothing for it.

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12-09-04, 10:36 AM   #6  
Thanks for your input guys. We already searched all the yards within 30 miles and it appears that particular item is highly prized - they're all gone.
Thiggy- I realise we'll have a shell eventually, I'm just trying to get him to do it and make a buck or two. Motivation to self-help is my aim !
Slickshift- I got a real laugh from your situation. This one is 27, and so far (much against my advice) Mom and (rich) G'mom have bought all his cars. - never sold one, all wrecked somehow! Finally they're beginning to realise what I've been saying for 8 yrs. I've been trying to teach him auto basics for 12 yrs. -He's got as far as changing the plugs! - The other 3, including 2 girls, (also taught by me) have got into everything from changing timing belts to rebuilding alternators.

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