2000 Grand Prix GT Problems


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2000 Grand Prix GT Problems

I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT V6 and am having some i believe transmission problems. When i drive after a while the trasmission seems to jerk. This happens most of the time when the temperature guage has gone well above the 180 degree mark maybe to 210-215. It seems to rev a little bit before it kicks in. Only happens from first to second and no other gear really. I had a recall about a bad connection in the cooling system and replaced that through a dealer. Replaced the tranny fluid twice and filter.
Also i have a shimmiy up and down in the steering once over 35 mph and gets worse as i go faster i had an alignment in lat july but has been doing this since about 2 weeks after.

If you can help please do
Chris Grocholski
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The shimmy is probably due to unbalanced tires.
The other may be a bad temperature sensor, but I don't know much about that car...
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Have it checked for codes if the trans is slipping a code should be set in memory.You could also have some other sensor problem causing a trans symptom.Autozone will read the codes for free.

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