Wheel vibration at speed


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Question Wheel vibration at speed

I have a 2000 Interpid that I bought off-lease. Ever since I bought the car, there has been a vibration in the front end as I get closer to 60. If I go over 75 (not that I ever would) the vibration seems to diminish. I'm running a set Kellys with <15,000, and had one tire and a wheel replaced. Neither the dealer nor the tire guy can figure out what's wrong. I can't tell which side it on either. The tires have been rotated every 6K (every other oil change; makes it easy to remember).
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You don't say how many total miles on the car, but if alignment and wheel balance haven't helped, and you're sure it doesn't maybe have a bent rim, one or both CVs could be your problem.
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if your tires have worn unevenly at some point, an alignment and balance will not help until you replace the offending tire(s).
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Front end vibration

The car has around 73,800 miles. A rim and two tires have been replaced. Rotation and alignment have not helped.

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