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I put a new set of wipers on my wife's Subaru. If it isn't raining very hard, the wipers scrub and bounce across the front windshield. Is there anything we can do to stop this from occuring? I put this same brand of wipers on my Kia and they work good. So, I don't understand what the problem is. Any help would be appreciated.
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You can try cleaning the windshield with isopropyl alcohol and cleaning the blades with washer fluid.It sounds like the glass has something on it.
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Assuming all is clean like Davo said try the following----

If the wipers are not hitting the glass at the right angle they will want to chatter.
I forget which way they are supposed to lean.

Take a very close look at the angles on both cars. If you bend the arms carefully on the Subaru to match the angle on the Kia I bet your problem will go away.

If all else fails check the web site of the company that made the wipers for contact information. I will bet they can help you solve the problem.

Let us know what it takes to solve the problem.
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You might have wax on the window clean with alcohol and a newspaper.You might have went thru a carwash that sprays on wax.

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