Spark Plugs


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Spark Plugs

I have a 1995 mercury sable 3.8 engine im trying to change the plugs in what is the easiest way to get the rear plugs out by the fire wall? There isnt much room here the manual i have says to remove the upper intake manifold. Is this the only way and can i get them out from the top or bottom? thanks for any help. I also have a 1995 lexus sc400 that has 105000 miles on it and i dont know if the timeing belt has ever been changed on it any recomendations ?
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I can't help with your plug question but I'm sure someone else here can.
If you do not have the lexus owners manual go to the gates website. It will tell you the recomended belt change interval. It will also tell you if it is an interference engine or not. My guess is you are due or over due. If it is an interference engine and it breaks you may be in foe some BIG $$$$ for repair.

If it is not an interference engine you will be in for a tow bill and a new belt.

You might also find the recomended belt change interval on the Auto Zone site. Not sure if it will tell you if it is an interference engine or not though.
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Spark Plugs?

Go from the bottom,with a long extension.
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Yes, Iv'e done this on my wife's 93 Sable and it took me 4 hours to change 6 plugs. I changed the back 3 without taking off the intake manifold as the manual suggested. I did from the top but did have to take off the air intake hose then I just had to do it by feel as you can't see anything back there.

Hope you have better luck with this engine than we did. We only had 58,000 miles and the head gasket blew and it turned into a fog machine. Ford had a class action lawsuit against them for these sorry engines but it only went back to 94 or 95 and didn't cover ours. Same engine but not covered. $2600 in repairs at dealership. This happen 2 years ago. We still have car but in hindsight we should have just shot the car.

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