88 VW Fox


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88 VW Fox

On a buddys 87 VW Fox, to solve a studdering engine we replaced a badly cracked rubber fuel line installed by a previous owner along with new plugs/rotor.
Doing that solved the problem and the engine ran great.
The problem is that when he took it for a test run it ran better than it has since he bought it, but after about a mile it died and would'nt start again.
Any suggestions as to what we should check next?

By the way, can anyone provide the firing order to eliminate that as a possible cause?

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If the car ran good when you were done you had the firing order right. If the fuel line you replaced was ahead of the fuel filter you may have dis-loged some of the deteriorating lining of the fuel line and plugged the fuel filter. If it was down stream of the filter you may have plugged up the carb or injectors which ever one it has.

Did the previous owner use vacuum line instead of fuel line?

Check to see if you are getting fuel. If so check to see if you are getting spark. Does the rotor turn when you crank the engine? If not you may have broken the timing belt or chain.

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